There are an endless list of excellent coffee houses in Melbourne, finding a bad cup of coffee would actually be unusual.  Many visitors will want to know where the best cafes are in the central business district (CBD).  In other words, places that are within walking distance of the hotel they’re staying in.  Melbourne has a reputation for great coffee and these businesses fulfill that.  So unless your business or vacation travels take you away from the CBD, some of these need to be on your itinerary.   You’ll find a unique blend of atmosphere, great service, great tasting eats, and a cup of your favorite caffeine.


THE CAPTAINS OF INDUSTRY describe themselves as a “gentlemen’s outfitter and café”. They also use the description “practical men of wide experience offering the good, the true, and the beautiful.”  In addition to the café which is open for breakfast and lunch every day from 9AM to 5PM, this establishment also includes a barbershop with grooming products, a shoemaker with leather accessories, and a jewelry shop. The barbershop and jewelers are closed on Sundays and Mondays.  CAPTAINS is available for special events and music.  Visitors looking for a memorable place to visit with great espresso should add this to their list, it is well worth seeking out.


THE SUN MOTH CANTEEN is a favorite amongst folks in the CBD.  They’re closed on Sundays, open Monday 8AM-4PM, Tuesday through Thursday 8AM-11PM, Friday 8AM-11PM, and Saturday 12-11PM.  Dinner options are seasonal and local, with great prices.  The owners aren’t into trends, they simply want their customers to have a great place to hang out in.  A great selection of beers and fine wines are available for later in the day.  Since the CANTEEN is close to the heart of the city, it’s the perfect place to book a party or special event.  With seating capacity of 90, you can still get quick service.


DUKES COFFEE ROASTERS pride themselves on using methodic and innovative roasting practices.  Their motto is simple, to forever improve what they can offer in the way of great coffee and great service.  You can buy whole coffee beans or have them ground to take home with you.  This is a venue with limited seating, and just a small selection of sweets and pastries available. The emphasis here is on coffee.  They support the communities that produce coffee, with preference to organically grown coffee.  Coffees and brew gear can also be purchased at their online store and orders are shipped throughout the week.


TOBY’S ESTATE started off in the owner’s garage and now has cafes in New York, Singapore, Sydney, and Brisbane.  The Melbourne location is situated in the Customs House and includes not just the café, but a retail shop, coffee school, and espresso bar. They insist on using local produce for their food items with traditional fare for breakfast and lunch.  Their espresso school has classes for the home barista, right up through the industry professional.  If you want to savor their blends after your visit, you can visit their online store and have your favorite coffees delivered right to your door.