When one thinks of great coffee and coffee houses, a chain like Starbucks automatically comes to mind. However, in major cities throughout the world, there are a vast collection of cafes and coffee houses that have made a name for themselves.  Through hard work and offering superior customer service, these businesses have established a tradition of great coffee and building a following of loyal patrons. The land down under is no exception, particularly in the city of South Melbourne, Victoria.  Australians take their coffee seriously and local shops are more than happy to fulfill that need.  Let’s take a look at some of these coffee places.


MAGIC has been rated one of the top coffee places in South Melbourne.  They offer an all-day breakfast menu, a wide variety of organic fruit drinks, and a selection of coffees that include the “magic” – a ¾ creamy hot milk with a strong helping of coffee.  The coffee beans are sourced from award-winning St.Ali coffee roasters and the local patrons love the caffeine kick they receive.  Reviews have included comments such as the staff being passionate, informative about their work, and friendly to customers.  The owner is friendly and will remember your name.   Exceptional service is what you will find here.  Open Mondays through Friday 6:30AM-4PM, and weekends 7:30AM-4PM.


The BREW SOCIETY offers gourmet sandwiches, handcrafted burgers, specialty coffees, and a wide array of desserts obtained from a local boutique bakery.  They’re open during weekdays from 7AM to 4PM and close on the weekends.  Their selection of coffees come from the three major growing areas of South America, Indonesia, and East Africa.  The friendly and speedy staff will make every effort to attend to the dietary needs of the customers, just ask them or the chef about menu options and they will make every effort to make it happen.  These folks have a passion for their work which is why their customers keep coming back.


The folks at ST ALI are very serious about their coffee and place a strong emphasis on unique brewing methods and quality beans.  They’re open 365 days a year 7AM to 6PM, and offer free shipping on all coffee orders in Australia.  Three years ago they were voted “Best Food Café” in Melbourne.  In addition to their reputation for daily customer service, they’re also available for VIP Bookings, Weddings, and Parties. A flexible menu can be designed to accommodate each gathering.  Within the café, you’ll also find a gift shop, a small grocery with specialty items, and the coffee shop where you can find coffees that can be shipped.


Don’t let the name of this last café, DEADMANEXPRESSO, fool you. Rather than referring to the dead, the name is a reference to Canvas Town, which was the name given to South Melbourne during the gold rush.  There is a heavy emphasis on vegan and gluten-free food on a menu which is dictated by the seasons.  In addition to dining, you can also purchase small food items such as granola, olive oil, and honey.  Customers love the quiet, warm atmosphere with additional perks like banana and brownie doughnuts. They also have crumpets and marmalade made to order.  The staff pride themselves on quick service.