If you want to venture out from the central business district, and really take in Melbourne, you’ve got to make time to travel to the western suburbs to see the Maribyrnong River, with its glorious Westgate Bridge.  In west Melbourne, you will find a vast collection of coffee cafes spread out among the surrounding suburbs of Spotswood, Seddon, Yarraville, and Williamstown.  Coffee here has really become a type of communication and the choice of venues to spend quality time in is almost endless.   Café business here in recent years has become its own cultural renaissance, drawing in both locals and tourists.


The FOOTSCRAY MILKING STATION, once a simple milk bar on a quiet street corner, still has its original laid-back vibe and a cozy café atmosphere.  Vegan and vegetarian options are offered on the menu such as the sago porridge with coconut milk and homemade baked beans, in addition to braised pulled pork for the meat lovers in the crowd. For sunny days, seating is available under the trees or in the courtyard.  They’re open every day from 7AM-3PM, with breakfast being served all day.  You’re only steps away from the Footscray Train Station, which gives us that taste of western culture.


The DUCHESS OF SPOTSWOOD has gained a reputation for great food and excellent coffee.  The former owner came from England, and so there’s an English theme running through the business, with menu items like the Prince of Wales (house-smoked salmon with horseradish) and the Duchess of Pork (crispy pig’s jowls with fried eggs).  The business is housed in a former butcher shop and the décor includes beautiful antiques, an extravagant chandelier, and tables made from a local theatre’s dance floors.  Although their food items have gained a following, they’ve been recognized for their Auction Room’s Small Batch specialty blends.  All the dishes use locally sourced ingredients. They’re open Monday through Friday 7AM-4:30PM, and weekends from 8AM-4PM.


The SOURDOUGH KITCHEN has gained its place among the top cafes in Melbourne that offer artisan style breads and bakery items that are baked on site. You can’t leave this end of western Melbourne until you’ve sampled their breads that include rye, multigrain, olive, and pumpkin.  Vegan options are available, along with take-out, and outdoor seating.  They’re open Monday through Friday 7AM-5PM and weekends from 7AM to 3PM.  The folks at SOURDOUGH know that sometimes you have to keep things simple, and there’s a modest atmosphere here that lures the customers in.  Their friendly staff love to work with the local community, which has been so supportive.


THE COFFEE SHED AT THE ANCHORAGE needs to be one of your stops if you’re on your way to the beach.  Outdoor seating around the side deck gives the customers great views of Port Philip Bay and Melbourne.  They’re open every day from 8AM to 4PM.  Located alongside the Strand bike path, avid joggers and cyclists can easily come in and grab a drink on the run.  Their award winning Dimattina coffee is a favorite and with their loyalty card, every five coffees will get you a free takeaway.  If you want to find a good place in the Williamstown area to grab a coffee or drink by the waterfront, the SHED needs to be on your list.