There is nothing quite like visiting your favorite café and grabbing a cup of hot coffee or tea. You may choose to bring your laptop to work or perhaps you just wish to sit and relax and listen to someone sing acoustic music in the corner. Whatever your style is, there is a café for you in Melbourne. Melbourne is home to many cafes that offer the best of the best when it comes to coffee and food. However, there are a few that top the charts and are considered the best cafes in Melbourne.

best cafe melbourne

The Hardware Societe

This café tops the charts in Melbourne when it comes to food and hot drinks. The restaurant has been acclaimed for years and is perhaps one of the most popular in Melbourne. The Hardware Societe serves up all kinds of food from breakfast to confit that is cooked to perfection. This café is known for their baked eggs which are served with vegetables or chorizo for your liking. Their coffee is easy to love and can be smelled throughout the café, creating an irresistible dining experience. The Hardware Societe is located on Hardware Street in Melbourne and is open early for those needing some good breakfast to get their day started.

The Grain Store

This café is definitely one to visit while traveling through Melbourne. The Grain Store offers European cuisine as well as American cuisine done like you’ve never had it before. They serve breakfast along with other meals throughout the day. They are open for coffee, breakfast, brunch and lunch, like most cafes in the area. The Grain Store has high reviews from locals as well as tourists touring from all over the world. This café serves fine coffee and drinks, salads, eggs and more for even the pickiest eater. They aim to serve food that is entertaining to look at and even better to eat.


Rated number one on the dessert charts, Brunetti is a fantastic place to eat and stay to soak in the atmosphere. Brunetti is a large space that offers all kinds of dessert, specializing in cakes of all types. They also offer coffee to die for and absolutely delectable cappuccinos. They also offer pizza and drinks in the evening, different from your traditional café. Brunetti is a one stop place for breakfast, lunch and dinner and offers something for everyone. Brunetti is considered inexpensive and is ranked high above other restaurants located in the city. This historical place is amazing with quick service that caters to all of its patrons and new visitors. Brunetti is definitely worth the visit.

All three of these cafes offer something different to one another. If you are looking for amazing atmosphere and a wonderful time, any of these cafes are a perfect idea for spending with friends and family. From the perfect coffee to yummy pizza and European food, you are sure to find something you love from any of these café’s. If you are traveling through, make sure you visit Melbourne for some of the best cafes in the world.