Lunch brings so many possibilities, doesn’t it? The act of eating lunch is so much more than a midday meal and can be quite the social occasion if eaten with co-workers or friends. We scouted out the best places for a leisurely lunch in Melbourne so whether you enjoy a glass of wine and a fresh salad or prefer a good beer and a burger we have found what you are looking for!


lunch melbourne


Middle Park Hotel


Dark wood and carpet give an Old World pub feel to this sports bar and restaurant. The ambiance here screams exclusivity without the premium drink prices. As far as food options go, you can get the typical bar food of burgers and French fries, but the menu includes a variety of options like curry and creamy soups too.


Oh and did I mention that when you order steak they bring a board of choices out to you so you can pick which one would suit your tastes? This is my favourite part of this dining experience! And, if you happen to partake in too many spirits at lunch, the hotel is still functional.


Stray Neighbour


This has been classified as a perfect haunt by locals, but it is no longer a secret only known by the locals. The secret is out, folks! So go enjoy! Hipsters and trendy millennial will find a home here among colourful drinks, great food, and pool tables.


The atmosphere here can be referred to as rough but with a classic twist. A workshop was re imagined into an open space with long bar and plenty of open seating make it feel like a modern dining room. Overhead heaters pull the whole look together.


Don’t be fooled by the understated flair of the décor though. The fare offered here is bar none. This is a kid-friendly environment complete with finger foods like shoestring fries perfect for little hands. For adults, Pacific oysters in a wonderful vinaigrette sauce can be paired with an amazingly textured salad of pickled radishes and cucumbers for a savoury meal.


The Local Tap house


There are plenty of options here and this pub has been dubbed the “beer champion of the bay.” So, whether you are looking to try something new or cosy up to an old favourite, this is the place to do just that.


The unique environment here will remind you of your grandfather’s classic study from when you were a child. Classic scotch and malts line the walls while the entire room gives off a warm feeling that envelope you from the moment you walk through the door.


Pair your favourite drink with tasty pairings from the kitchen like hop-cured ocean trout or crispy fried chicken. I love this place because they always have something fun going on to keep their patrons entertained. Sunday is trivia night, Monday is comedy, and live music graces the ears on Friday and Saturday!


If you are hungry and want a great adult beverage to pair with an amazing meal, then you should consider options from this list. We had a great time in Melbourne and I can’t wait to go back and visit again!