It’s difficult when you have your loyal four legged companion out with you and suddenly you’re starving. There are a ton of outdoor spots in Melbourne that are still not dog-friendly and the question becomes, “but I’m not even going to be inside”. It’s a discussion I’ve had with many managers. It’s understandable that not everyone is as laid back about a dog eating near them while their dining but it also shouldn’t be so difficult to find a place that will allow it to happen at all!

Argos Loves Company

Any table you can find a seat at in this café man’s best friend can also find a dog bowl while staff offer treats for them to gnaw on. You’re both welcome here and staff is very attentive and dog loving. This café makes the entire experience of dining with your dog less of a hassle and without the complaining from other guests. Argos emphasizes on the dog interaction and keeps customer service as a top priority at all times. As a fun bonus, the name “Argos” has a background in canine mythology. A faithful companion to Odysseus, so bring your faithful companion in and keep Argos Company.

Dog House

Nothing could be plainer when you see the name that this place is dog-friendly. Human café, maybe, all the focus here is on the dogs. A haven for the four legged, with couches for them to curl up on and accessories on display they are available to interact with all the others and make friends while you grab one of the many dog-themed menu items. Dogachinos, and turkey muffins will keep you energized and ready to get going with your furry friend. Fast service is great too for the time conscious or when you’re friend might be a little too energetic to sit still for too long..

Kew Nursery and Café

There is no place quite like it and if you miss an opportunity to go, consider your day ruined. Take the dog, the kids, or your weird vegan friend everyone’s welcome at the Kew Nursery and Café. Literally nothing can go wrong here. The nursery environment is serene and the outdoor dining is a great way to enjoy some beautiful weather and meet some nice people.

A Minor Place

One of the most popular spots for Melbourne dog lovers, you’ll find coffee among a wide variety of breakfast foods. It isn’t your typical café either, organic fruit toast and homemade porridge are only two highlights of their giant menu. The locals love it and for a reason! On top of it they are on top of their canine game when it comes to customer service! The large amount of outdoor seating makes it easy to be able to sit down and enjoy a meal without confining your furry friend in a small and crowded diner.