Not many things can beat a greasy burger, and crisp fries. Unless you add beer, then nothing can beat it! Burger bars have made their way into the hearts of Melbourne locals. It doesn’t matter whether you’re visiting and wanting to try some great food or just looking for a new Saturday night spot you’ll find it on this list here!

The Beer & Burger Bar

The literal beer and burger joint right in Melbourne has not only established a name for itself but kind of set out that no other restaurant could call itself a “burger and beer bar”. The big crowds are the only sign you need to get the picture. Their onion rings are worth a trip alone, but all the burgers are served up American style. Hearty helpings, a fun atmosphere and great beer make this a must stop if you’re in search of Melbourne’s best burger, or best beer.

The Merrywell Restaurant and Bar

Don’t let any of the reviews fool you; this is a not so hidden gem. American style food that is loved by locals if you’re visiting this is a burger place you can’t miss. Fast service is one of the things that set Merrywell apart, not to mention the poutine chips. Merrywell Restaurant and Bar is a great place to get a night on the town started, good music and reasonable prices  keep locals coming back. Be wary of the register line, but once you’re in service is fast, and the food is great! The beer variety isn’t as large as some others but the quality of what is available makes it worth it.

Perkup Café and Burger Bar

You might have guessed from the name but Perkup’s pulls double duty. Old fashioned on the inside with that American diner feel Perkup’s is brekkie and coffee, with burgers and more! The inside is cozy and staff is always very friendly and always checking in on you, it’s great. The servings are huge and the prices are all more than reasonable. These burgers may not be gourmet but they’ve taken the classic American dish and added some flair here and there. One highlight of the menu is a chipotle burger that locals can’t get enough of.

Fat Bob’s Bar and Grill

From the old fashioned Perkup’s diner feel we move into Fat Bob’s less modern but not so classic neon and brick diner build. A dive located right here in Melbourne, Fat Bob’s Bar and Grill isn’t open as late as you might expect so I would make this an early stop in the night. They’re notorious for taking care of large parties quickly and keeping wait times down. What keeps bringing the locals in though is the atmosphere. While Fat Bob’s staff works to keep waits short there’s no rush or emphasis on shoving you and your party out the door. Stay a while, have a beer and relax with friends!