Melbourne is a center for tourist stops and entertain, they do! Almost everything on this list here is something you can do in a day or a few hours but to do them all you’ll need to have a few days in store. But if you happen to be vacationing in Melbourne, which is highly recommended, these are the must see of Australia’s next largest city!

Royal Botanic Gardens

These gardens were opened in 1846 and are commended to be some of the highest rated gardens in the world. 40 hectares covered with a variety of rare species of plant life and some wild too you can get lost wandering through wondrous scene to wondrous scene. An annual count of no less than one and half million people comes to see these gardens. See here the Aboriginal Heritage Walk which explains deeply into the heritage of the indigenous Australians! There is also the Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden implemented to encourage a new generation of young gardeners. Throughout the year, particularly through the summer months theater nights bring the gardens to life!

A must for tourists and a staple for locals, there is nothing more soothing than strolling through one of the best gardens in the world.

Federation Square

While locals will make their own decision on whether they love or hate the federation it is still a spectacle to be seen. In the midst of historic and Victorian style buildings lies this more than modern fixture in the city.

If you’re starting your day Federation Square is highly recommended, it usually isn’t as crowded in the morning. But if you’re trying to catch one of the many, many outdoor performances or one of the performances hosted at one of the indoor venues these usually take place in the afternoon or evening. Added bonus…. Free Wi-Fi!!

 Eureka Tower

In there was a rebellion, and this tower was names to recognize the Eureka Stockade. With ninety-one stories with a golden crown to match the windows plated in gold the sun literally causes the building to sparkle. A stop to marvel at with the family would nicely round out a day around sun down.

The Block Arcade (& Laneways)

Clad in detail, and built up with one of a kind shops this is where you can spend hours wandering and looking. Essentially you can spend your day, “doing the block”. Opened initially in 1892, the Melbourne Icon is the only shop on the block that was originally part of the blocks lineup. You can also find the oldest arcade in Melbourne here, the famous Royal Arcade. The take a walk around the mazes of alleys that intertwine to finish up your day.

Melbourne Zoo

I love zoos, and Melbourne’s is world famous. Trail of the Elephants and an Orangutan Sanctuary make this zoo one of a kind and if you have the opportunity to go and miss it… you’re missing out on so much! From early evening concerts and exclusive tours there’s always something here that you’ve never seen before.